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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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two hours while they investigate. this all started with reports of a home burglary on mistflower avenue. a neighbor called police reporting he had seen three people break down a door and enter a home. he gave a description of the suspects and the vehicle. police got to the house as the suspects were leaving then pursued the charcoal colored chevy malibu. >> one of our suspects attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver failed to yield and drove quickly out of the area. estimated speeds were approximately 80 miles an hour. >> a short and let me emphasize a short pursuit ensued and then because of this suspect's reckless erratic driving the officer called off the pursuit. >> reporter: a mile and a half later a man driving westbound on mowry was hit by the suspect vehicle. he died at the scene. he is unidentified at this time. two people fled on foot but were caught. the three suspects have
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extensive criminal backgrounds. two were on parole, one on probation. police have identified them as watkins, watts and collier. now, the men are on probation or parole hold. watkins has not technically been arrested yet. he is in the hospital having surgery for a head injury and it's unclear what charges they might face. likely they will include the home burglary and evading arrest and there will be some charges most likely relating to the fatal collision. >> thank you. governor brown says that california is healing but it's a painful process. he laid out his plans for fixing the finances during his annual state of the state address today. phil matier on the proposals that could be unpopular with taxpayers and one that could get an a-plus from their kids. >> putting it as simply as i can, california is on the mend. >> reporter: that was governor jerry brown's assessment of california and his prescription
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for getting it whole again? >> cuts and taxes neither popular but both need to be done. >> reporter: the cuts will likely be the social safety net programs something even his fellow democrats are resisting. >> most of these programs are already cut to the bone. >> the details inside the budget is what we have to debate. >> reporter: as usual, the republicans are dead set against any tax hikes. >> it was ironic, he praised veteran hour capitalists the 1%, the very people he wants to taxes and drive out of the state. >> reporter: none of this or the state's $13 billion deficit seemed to faze the governor. >> the year 2012 presents plenty of opportunity and if we work together we can stimulate jobs, build renewable energy, reduce pollution and greenhouse gases, launch the nation's only high-speed rail system, reach agreement on a plan to fix the delta, improve our schools, reform of our pensions and make sure that prison realignment is, would go. >> reporter: and he made a real push for high-speed rail
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despite its $100 billion price tag. >> those who think california is in decline will shrink back from such a strenuous undertaking. i understand the feeling but i don't share it. >> reporter: the governor also called for less testing of school students in california saying they take up too much time and don't really help. >> i believe it's time to reduce the number of tests and get the results that teachers, principals and superintendents in weeks not months. we're on the move, on the mend. let's get it done. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: and speaking of being on the move, just as soon as he had finished that speech he took off for southern california, where he is going to be working very hard in the next couple of months to try to qualify and then pass those tax proposals he has. it's shaky in the polls whether they will pass. without them he is going to be about $7 billion short so that's priority number one as he moves about the state. >> the easiest sell is fewer testing.
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the kids are on on that. >> reporter: they don't vote yet. >> they don't have to be sold. thank you. thousands of oakland city employees today learned that this could be their last month on the job. nearly 2500 pink slips were sent out. that's almost half the city's entire full-time and part-time workforce all part of the city's effort to save $30 million annually. the city council is going to decide on the 31st of the month how many of those people will actually be laid off. the wife of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi says that she is the victim of dirty politics. eliana lopez called in to a venezuelan radio show to talk about the domestic abuse charges against her husband. joe vazquez reports she is now questioning the woman who reported the alleged attack. joe. >> reporter: allen, we're talking about her neighbor the very same neighbor who according to police documents went to the police for help on behalf of eliana lopez. now the sheriff's wife is telling an international audience in spanish that that
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neighbor doesn't know what she's talking about. reporter: she's not saying what exactly did happen. but eliana lopez the sheriff's wife insists she is definitely not the victim of domestic abuse. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the former tv star from venezuela called in to a popular news source in her home country, [ non-english language ] , and told the interviewing that her husband's legal troubles are a, quote, political persecution. she also questioned the integrity of her neighbor, ivory madison. she is the attorney who lives next door. eliana wonders aloud whether madison has a political axe to grind. quote, we must find out her motives and who is back her. she waited four days to report this? we want to know who she talked to in those four days that convinced her to call police." [ applause ] >> reporter: according to court documents, eliana lopez showed up at madison's house crying and showed her neighbor her right arm which had bruises. madison also told police that lopez was upset because her
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husband had cussed at her and threatened to take their son away from her. both mirkarimi and lopez so far refused to talk to investigators but lopez told venezuelan media that her husband is being attacked by so- called money interests here because of his progressive views about reforming prisons and also because he is the son of immigrants. she says she has nothing but respect for her husband and in a cultural reference to american bias, she told her hometown listeners she is not being taken advantage of. quote, it's not like i'm the little indian girl being victimized by the gringo." sheriff ross mirkarimi is scheduled for his first court appearance on thursday at 2:30 and his attorney will likely file a request for a gag order. he is also likely to file a request with the judge to have that restraining order dropped, allen. we reached out to the wife. she had a lot to say and we would like to hear it directly from her. there is still the discrepancy of the videotape which
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apparently shows the bruises and eliana lopez explaining that she fears that her husband is going to use his power and influence to take her child from her. >> so far she hasn't disputed that evidence. we'll see. thank you, joe. all right. get the jackets and ups ready. the rain's acoming. roberta gonzales here to tell us exactly when. it slowed down a bit but it's still coming. >> you have to keep in mind that we haven't had rain in over a month's time so it takes a lot for a storm to just bust through a lot of dry air mass. i have been looking so forward to this. it's our live high-def doppler radar. the sweep right now is trying to find some rain. there's none within a 100-mile radius at this time even though we have been seeing reports of a few scattered sprinkles across calistoga and sebastopol. this is our goes west satellite image and suggests that we have the rain showers, watch this, begins to plow into the pacific northwest and northwestern section of the state of california so when can we anticipate the rain? we call on our rain futurecast
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and it's slowly sagging to the south. this is your morning commute. it hasn't even crossed the golden gate bridge. but once it does, it fills in very rapidly and by this time tomorrow night, everybody will be wet. allen, we'll talk about totals and how much to anticipate from this first system coming up later on in the newscast. he said he did not abandon ship. how the captain of the capsized cruise liner said he ended up in a lifeboat by accident. today's the day some websites went dark temporarily. how you can get around the blackout to get what you need from the net. i felt bad actually that he had to give up the tickets. >> she went into labor. so he missed the saints-49ers game. now how their newborn helped score tickets to this weekend's nfc championship game. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] the motorcyclist and his into the back a high-speed police chase
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ended with dramatic motorcycle crash down in l.a. county. the motorcyclist and passenger smashed into the back of a car flipped and then skidded on the highway. this is in hacienda heights. amazingly both of them are okay. police believe that the motorcycle was stolen. hopes of finding survivors from the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy are fading. rescue crews suspended the search today after of the costa concordia shifted in rough seas. meanwhile the ship's captain was released from jail under house arrest now. he told investigators that after the crash, he did not flee the ship but he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. the victims' family members say he needs to be accountable. >> he has done what he has done. he will pay for his wrongdoing. he will pay for his wrong decisions. >> at least 11 people are now confirmed dead, 21 are still missing.
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more than 4200 people were on board when that ship slammed into a rocky reef and then tilted on its side friday. a san jose duck hunter is recovering after being stranded outdoors overnight in near freezing temperatures. the fire officials say that his boat got stuck when the tide got too low near the alviso marina. two rescue helicopters had mechanical problems while searching for the afghanistan war veteran. he was eventually found by air ambulance this morning. he is in stable condition. famous for promoting her high fat recipes paula deen now admits she has type 2 diabetes. the severity of that disease for her and how she is fighting back. how technology and a newborn helped a bay area couple score some free tickets to sunday's nfc championship game. we are pretty busy right here in the cbs 5 weather center because it is definitely coming! and now the rain and the commute it will affect.
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well pinpoint that as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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probably have to pay a small fortune to go. 49ers season ticketholders got first crack at 10:00 this ing. sales opened up you want to watch sunday's nfc championship game at candlestick? you will pay a small fortune to be there. 49ers season ticketholders got the first crack at tickets at 10 a.m. this morning and then sales opened to the general public at 1 p.m. stubhub says that the 9ers-
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giants matchup is the hottest ticket not just in the bay area but in the country. >> we have seen two times more demand for this game on sunday here at candlestick park as opposed to the afc championship in foxboro. >> tickets through the stubhub website average about $750 each. the most expensive seats, $20,000 for sixth row behind the north end zone. but there's one family of football fanatics in bay area that don't have to worry about ticket prices. christin ayers shows us the fans whose story caught the attention of the 49ers owner. reporter: this is a family of true super fans. mom once tried out to be a gold rush cheerleader. they scored four free tickets to sunday's game all because their first born came into the world as the niners were winning the nfc play-offs. vince and his wife michelle will never forget where they were when they saw the catch. the play last weekend that led
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the 49ers into the play-offs. >> the catch is made by vernon davis for a 9ers touchdown! >> we were watching it, you know, while i'm in labor of. it kept my mind off things because i was in so much pain that it was like a good focal point for me. so it was awesome. >> reporter: the two were supposed to be at the game. they had tickets. >> great seats. i had lower reserve box. everything was great and it just so happened that michelle came home from the doctor and said, things are picking up. >> reporter: their son vincenzo giovanni came into the world over cheers for an nfc championship. that wasn't end. michelle heard about a twitter contest tickets to sunday's game for a fan with the best reason why he should attend. >> i encouraged him to tweet. >> reporter: and tweet he did sending this message to 49ers ceo jed york. my first child was born during saturday's game. the doctor let us watch the game during labor.
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york announced the winner yesterday. the prize, four tickets to the big game. michelle will stay home with vincenzo. >> i'm letting him go and take his friends. and he owes me big time. >> yeah. >> reporter: vince says as a new dad it may be his last game for a while. but when he is ready to return to the stadium, it's likely his son will be with him. >> now i have a commonality with him and hey, we should get season tickets. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and vince says he is still thinking of ways he can pay his wife bang for allowing him to go to this game with his friend along with his first born. cava says he has a new family of twitter followers with 1,000 fans. >> he will pay and pay but it will be worth it. >> reporter: i'm curious to see what he will do to pay her back. >> thank you, christin ayers. meantime the 9ers had their first full practice since the big win over the saints. dennis o'donnell has insight on that. big star from saturday. >> indeed. two big stars, alex, and
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vernon. he caught the game winning touchdown pass to get the 49ers into the nfc championship game. he is one of the team leaders but that wasn't always the case. >> i do remember him saying that vernon, until you put the team first, then you will start to take off. so i did that. i did that. since then, life has been really good. >> i of course is talking about mike singletary the former coach who once kicked vernon davis off the field who played a big hand in the transformation. that story coming up at 6:00. you remember it led to the big speech after the game. i want winners! and he kicked vernon into the locker room. >> he sat him on the sideline and then to the showers. >> famous moment that transformed vernon davis' career. great story coming up. >> good that he bounced. >> yeah. >> thank you. it was a giant oops today for vice president joe biden during a fundraiser in san francisco. biden tried to warm up the crowd enthusiastically said the giants are going all the way!
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the comment drew immediate boos and jeers. the giants? the vice president quickly corrected himself explaining oops, he was thinking the san francisco giants. won't do that again. surviving the internet blackout today? several big websites went dark today to protest two laws before congress. sites like wikipedia are fighting antipiracy legislation that may lead to censorship. there are a few ways to get around the blackout. the mobile site is up and running so you can get there using your smartphone or you can hit the escape button on your keyboard before the black screen loads up. there is a new push to change the fire safety standards for some furniture sold in california. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains the battle is over the chemicals that manufacturers put in the products so they don't catch fire. julie. >> reporter: yeah, allen. california law requires that the foam inside all furniture sold in the state be fire
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resistant. but consumer and environmental groups say the current set of rules is actually doing more harm than good especially to children. >> okay. reporter: it looks soft and cuddly and the label sounds reassuring. >> this article meets the flammability requirements of california bureau of home furnishings. >> reporter: but what's inside this nursing pillow could keep a parent awake at night at least according to environment scientists and a new study. a washington, d.c.-based consumer group tested 20 padded pieces of baby furniture currently on the market. items like car seats, nursing pillows and mattresses. it found the foam in all but three contained chemical flame retardants known to be toxic. >> it worries me quite a bit. >> reporter: the health director of contra costa county says the chemicals are there because of a california law enacted back this 1975. it requires furniture foam to withstand an open flame for 12 seconds without igniting. but he says those chemical
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flame retardants are bad for everyone, especially children. >> they cause birth defects, cancer and other diseases and children and youth are sensitive to them. >> reporter: he says the fabric covering the foam offers no protection. >> these chemicals come out of the foam. they go through the fabric and they get in the house, the house dust. >> i think it's really confusing and not everything is marked on the label clearly. >> reporter: tracy burnham sells children's furniture at bibby -- at baby world in oakland. she says there are safer alternatives. these products claim to meet standards without the use of harmful chemicals but it's just a small portion of the market for now. something she hopes will eventually expand to help parents and babies sleep easier. >> perfect thing to rest your baby on -- full of chemicals. >> reporter: the chemical industry says the fire retardants are effective and says there is no evidence they are harmful to humans. meanwhile there are plans to reintroduce legislation next
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month to modify the state's furniture flammability standard to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. >> thank you. the northwest is getting snow. we're waiting on rain and snow. >> we are going to get both up to 6 feet of snow expected by monday in the high sierra. so they are clicking their skis together in anticipation of that. we fired up our live high-def doppler radar. we haven't received any precipitation yet expect a few sprinkles in the north bay, prefrontal moisture. the clouds are on the increase over the bay where today we had highs between 52 and 58 degrees. still, in the 50s across the board. sundown at 5:17 at mount vaca. you can see the bank of clouds on the increase there towards the delta, cloud cover tonight the rain begins in the north bay tomorrow morning then gradually slides to the south and then we will be on-again, off-again with rain all the way through the weekend. this is a tremendous storm system. look at the precipitation
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pounding up against the pacific northwest and all the way into the northern portion of the stay of california. we'll see the brunt of the rain this time tomorrow. and then once it starts and it's pretty moderate it will carry it on through until friday. here you have our futurecast. you see the rain around sonoma county. after the morning commute it slides across the golden gate bridge. it fills in quickly all the way into the southern portion of our district and heads towards monterey bay. friday's system is more copious as far as the amount of precipitation is concerned. that will be a wetter and windier system. and until then, we will stack up like this from thursday through friday. oh, boy. over 2" of rain in ukaih and nearly .25" in concord. so we are going to try to lay it out one day at a time. tomorrow's highs in the 50s up to about 60 degrees. that will be the warmest location towards fairfield and vacaville otherwise the rain begins in earnest during the afternoon hours carries on over
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through friday stronger winds out of the south 20 gusts up to 40 and then we'll be in and out of the rain over the weekend so what does that mean for your 49ers game? right now computer models want to suggest the rain should taper off by that game. i would plan on rain and then hope for the best. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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type-two diabetes for three years, while she's been promoting the high-fat, high- sugar re celebrity chef paula deen has had type 2 diabetes for three years. now she is partnering with a pharmaceutical company to promote its medication. dr. kim mulvihill tells us, drugs are not the only way to dell with diabetes. reporter: at the hard knocks cafe in san francisco, fried chicken is king. there is macaroni salad and a side of yams. it's lip smacking good the kind of southern comfort food that chef paula deen is known for but can her announcement that
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she has type 2 diabetes, many blame her cooking. with type two diabetes, the body doesn't respond properly to insulin. studies show most people with diabetes develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years unless they change their ways. number one, lose weight. extra fat tissue makes your body resistant to insulin. how much is enough? losing just 10 to 15 pounds makes a big difference. number 2, be active. exercise makes your muscle cells for sensitive to insulin, 30 minutes five times a week. number 3, eat well. >> bottom line is, we're killing ourselves. >> reporter: dr. robert lustig says we have to fix our nutrition. >> we're all pumped full of extra insulin because of our current dietary habits as i explained earlier. that increases your food intake
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and decreases your exercise all at the same time. >> reporter: his advice? eat real food. low in sugar and high in fiber. >> if you eat a high fiber diet, then the carbohydrate doesn't matter and actually the sugar doesn't matter, either because the fibers reducing the rate of absorption, reducing the ability of that carbohydrates to generate an insulin response, thereby keeping you healthy. >> reporter: bottom line? there's room for special treats as long as you eat all those fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. ,,,,,,,,
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